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As we look back over the past few months, and as many of us were tying to juggle e-learning, household duties, partners who also work from home, and some semblance of productivity, we understand that these experiences hardly resemble how remote work looked pre-COVID-19.

Now as Indiana continues to open back up, more and more employers are facing a choice of whether or not they want to adopt some type of work from home strategy for the future.  Study after study reports that working remotely increases productivity, and after discussing this with local business owners, this seems to be the case here as well.

We also know that when working remotely, it is important to put a division between family and home duties and work duties.  Setting up boundaries is key.  This is where a coworking space or shared office space can come in.

Coworking spaces can give remote workers several of the advantages of working from home, like flexibility in work schedule and cutting down on commute time.  They also can provide advantages over working from home, like providing private Meeting Rooms for conference calls, and allowing for a clear separation between work life and home life.

These spaces can also provide employers and businesses increased flexibility in overhead as many of the leasing contracts are short term down to as little as a month.  This way businesses can reduce their long-term leases and try out different local spaces on a month to month basis until they find out one (or more) spaces that fit their need.  Utilizing a coworking space will also reduce costs as many of these spaces, like Level Two, include water, coffee, and printing.

Level Two currently offers discounts of 20% to teams of 4 or more members, and has taken several safety precautions to make sure our coworkers are safe.  If this is something you might be interested in for your employees, give us a call at 317-932-0369 or email us at Info@leveltwocoworking to find out more details!

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