Indiana Mask Mandate Coming Next Monday (Updated July 28th)

Earlier this week, Governor Holcomb came out with a new Executive Order that will require Hoosiers to wear masks beginning on Monday, July 27th.  While the exact wording of this order has not been released, we do know some details:  “Cloth masks and other non-medical face coverings are recommended for all people, both public and private, in interacting in their workplaces and community, such as shopping. The only exception is children younger than 2 years of age; they should not have face coverings, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

A mask or other face covering may be factory-made, sewn by hand, or improvised from household items such as scarves, bandannas(sp) and T-shirts. The mouth and nose should be covered.

The executive order requires face coverings for anyone 8 years old or older in the following places:
• Public indoor spaces and commercial entities
• While using public transportation or other vehicle services such as a taxi or ride share
• Outdoor public spaces when it’s not possible to socially distance from people not in the same household”

While there is a threat of a Class B Misdemeanor it is not clear who will enforce the mandate, and even the Governor stated, “please know the mask police will not be patrolling Hoosier streets…..We don’t want it to get to the point where misdemeanors come into play,” he said. “We don’t think we’re there yet.”  Also, in a twist, state AG Curtis Hill has announced that he thinks the Governor has overstepped in the mandate.  Hopefully, we will be able to see the order in detail when signed, and we will know a bit more before Monday.

Update:  The Governor came out with the actual Executive Order on Friday, July 24th.  This Executive Order did away with the enforcement guidelines along with any criminal penalties for not complying with the mandate.  We also have additional invoices that give us some clarity like the following:

  • It lasts until August 26th unless “rescinded, modified or extended”.
  • This mandate does not extend to “private offices, private workspaces, or meetings in which six feet of social distancing can be achieved and maintained between people not in the same household”

For more information, check out the executive order.  

At Level Two, we have been keeping track of all Executive Orders, and will continue to make sure our space is Safe for all of our Coworkers and their clients.  We do ask that our Coworkers wear masks when in public spaces such as the hall or restrooms, or when up and around members of the community.

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Have a great weekend!

John C. Anderson

Level Two Executive Director

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