About Us

Level Two is a coworking space located in Plainfield, Indiana.  We are a nonprofit organization founded in 2016 and governed by a Board of Directors.  The vision and support provided by the Town of Plainfield has provided the foundation necessary to launch a solid plan to serve our entrepreneurial community.

From the beginning, Level Two sought out experts in multiple business fields to ensure we had a diverse set of eyes on our project from concept to completion.  Our team is made up of professionals in the economic development world, the world of finance, the education and training world, the legal world, and the world of public service.  It is our job to ensure that all whom participate are successful, when our coworkers and partners are successful, then Level Two will be as well.

Our Vision

And our Vision is to Nurture business development, motivate and encourage entrepreneurs and create a stronghold for economic growth.

Our Mission

Level Two, Inc.’s Mission is to create an environment that spurs progress through a collaborative culture, educational opportunities and community support.

Our Leadership Team

Brian Wheeler

Legacy Practice

Lora Steele

Hendricks County Economic Development

Brandy Perrill

Hendricks College Network

Heather Olinger

Ice Miller LLP

Andrew Klinger

Town of Plainfield

Jessica Elston

Plainfield Public Library

Brad Dubois

Plainfield Chamber
of Commerce

John Anderson

Anderson Financial
Planning Group LLC