This is our updates on Event status.

Level Two wants to say a huge THANKS for everyone who participated in our Plainfield Pickleball Tournament supporting Level Two Inc Two this past Saturday. The weather did end up turning beautiful after the dreary start we had.

We want to give a huge shout out to everyone who pitched in to help us dry the courts and actually help us run the event from James Gordy, Dave Nichols, Dave Ellis, Jaime Murphy, to Jenifer Laver, and our Board Members, Justin Cook, Brad DuBois, IOM, and Lora Steele (She/ Her/ Hers). Plus many of the players who jumped in and grabbed a Leaf Blower, push boom or towel to help. There were a few curveballs thrown our way the actual week of the tournament, and Justin Cook deserves most of credit for actually pulling this thing off. One of the things I learned is that the Plainfield Pickleball Community is a pretty awesome group of people.

We also want to say a huge thank you to our Sponsors:
Town of Plainfield Parks & Recreation (Court Sponsor)
Athletico Physical Therapy (Table Sponsor)
Teresa Briggs Clark (Pickleball and Breakfast Sponsor)
Nichols Insurance Agency Inc. (David also Helped us Run the Event)
Duke Energy Corporation (who also sponsored water and goody bags)
Plainfield Chamber of Commerce
Harry Gill Insurance Advisors
The Law Office of Scott Knierim, LLC
The Coachman (Prize Sponsor)
Brew Link Brewing Company Plainfield (Prize Sponsor)

And Now for the Winners:
True Beginner: Bronson Germano barely outmatched Keisha Cooper who took Second via the tiebreaker.
Rookie (2.5) Melissa Sorrentino won followed closely by Lori Leineweber in second and then Mike Alfiera in a close third after the tiebreakers were accounted for.
3.0 – We had split winners of Jenny Nguyen Cook and Fred James even after a incredible playoff.
3.5 – David Nichols took home the hard fought prize.

Thanks again to all who participated and especially to all who pitched in to help make this event a success! Hopefully I did not forget anyone.


Pickleball SPonsors Pickleball Pickleball at Swinford Park Pickleball 3.5 Playing at Swinford Park Pickleball Winners Pickleball 2.5 Winner 3.0 Pickleball Winner Pickleball 3.5 Winner


After much discussion and review of the Indiana Back on Track plan combined with CDC guidelines, Level Two Inc at The Shops at Perry Crossing has decided to start taking requests to rent out our space as an Event Venue starting in July.  We know that our fellow Hoosiers are itching to spend time with family and friends as they try and shake off the craziness of the past few months.

Why now, you may ask.

With our local high schools scheduling their live commencement ceremonies in mid to late July, and more business looking to start scheduling corporate retreats, we thought that July would be a great time to shake the rust off.  Below are some graduation dates for our local schools.

  • Plainfield High School has their Graduation Ceremony on July 17th
  • Danville High School has their Graduation Ceremoney July 10th
  • Avon High School has their Graduation Ceremony on July 10th
  • Mooresville High School has there Graduation Ceremony on July 25th

We will also be taking additional precautions to make sure that every event is safe and to keep all of your event guests and coworkers healthy.  These precautions include deep cleaning the space after every event, spreading out tables and seating areas to allow for a healthy distance, and providing masks, hand sanitizer, and sanitizing wipes for our event guests.  The deep cleaning is a $40 charge that will come out of the Event deposit.

To celebrate this new opening, we have created a new special for Graduation Open Houses.  In order to add time for a little more set-up and tear down, and because we understand that these events are mostly drop by events and do not have a lot of guests at one time, we are offering a 4-hour event for $300 (plus tax).  This rate will be good for events booked through the month of August.

What does this rate include?  It includes full access to 4,000 sq ft of modern open space (not the Meeting Rooms or Boardroom), including tables, chairs, and seating areas.  It also includes use of the fridge, freezer, microwave, and large kitchen island.  If you would like to use our projector, please let us know and we can help you set that up so you can put a slideshow on the wall.  We also allow you to provide your own caterer, but if you are planning on having alcohol, you need to attain the proper permits from excise.  This includes a temporary beer and wine permit if you plan on serving beer or wine.

If you are looking for another type of event, we charge based on the amount of guests you are planning on having.  If you are planning on having 40 guests or less, we charge $250 for the first 3 hours and $75 per hour after that, and if you are having 41 or more guests, we charge $400 for the first 3 hours and $125 per hour extra.

If you have any questions for us, you can email us or give us a call a 317-932-0369.  If you are interested in hosting a graduation open house, corporate event, or other get together at Level Two, you can fill out our event request form.

We look forward to hosting your next event at Level Two!

Event at Level Two