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Level Two Inc is open, and we have sanitation stations, complementary masks (thanks to the Indiana Economic Development Corporation PPE exchange) and after a Herculean effort by Board Member Brad DuBois, we have moved tables and desks to be mindful of the CDC distancing guidelines. If you need a place to remote work safely, away from the chaos of a home office, come check us out!

Our Coworking Space will continue to follow other safe protocols such as:

  • If a Coworker feels sick, or has a fever, they will not come to the space.
  • Please only 1 person per table (except the really large tables that can fit two on opposite corners).
  • Clean up your space after use. We have provided Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer for use.  Also make sure to throw away your trash and sanitize your surfaces.
  • Client Meetings are limited to 4 people, and you are asked to use the Large Boardroom and maintain the proper 6′ spacing.
  • Small Meeting Rooms are limited to 2 people for the time being.
  • We have provided disposable dishes, and for the time being please do not use community dishes. Also, feel free to bring in a mug etc. from home for your use, but please do not leave it in the sink unwashed.

We ask that all coworkers continue to follow our Coworking Space community rules:

  • First and foremost, Leave the space better than when you found it.
  • Small Meeting Rooms are for the community, you should not commandeer them for only your purposes.
  • Erase the dry erase boards after use to prevent streaking.